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Manage your Family Day Care Admin from Anywhere

Family Day Care can be a brilliant way to get work life balance and make a great living – but it’s not always simple….until now.

What is TopFormz?

TopFormz will help you manage your family day care – from your programming, observations, recordkeeping, billing and reporting plus more.

Watch this short 1 minute video to see TopFormz in action.

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Who is TopFormz for?

Whether you’re new to Family Day Care or want to improve or grow your business, TopFormz is for you.

TopFormz will help you:

  • Manage your family day care for just $11 per month
  • Save you time and money each week
  • Get affordable accounting, tax and software support
  • Manage your admin from anywhere
  • Reclaim your life and business now!

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What can TopFormz do for me?

  • Access the full TopFormz application on any mobile device at anytime, anyplace and anywhere
  • Select from a range of report formats and complete your form on-line. The report format will be sent directly to parents and your email account.
  • Link your program documentation, observations, routines and assessments to the EYLF/NQS using a drop-down box
  • Manage your invoices, receipts and expenses from your mobile device and attach tax receipts as you shop.
  • Use real-time summary reports to track your GST and income and expense positions. This way you can avoid nasty surprises at the end of the tax year.
  • Invoice parents using a built-in CCB/CCR calculator.

Note: Whilst TopFormz can be accessed on a mobile phone for adhoc use; we recommend using a tablet or iPad for ease of use.

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Why TopFormz?


Creator of TopFormz

I’m Kim Mclachlan, the Creator of TopFormz. As a registered Family Day Care Educator and mum of two, I know how hard it can be keeping up with the time and monetary cost of administration, as well as complying with the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework. As a Chartered Accountant, I knew there was a better and easier way to manage my Family Day Care business. That’s why I created TopFormz – an online and mobile friendly child care App that can be used to convert any manual business document to electronic online.

How can I be sure TopFormz will work for me?

TopFormz is simple and we know for a fact it works! Kim for instance has been able to replace the salary she was earning as a Director at a Big 4 Accounting and Advisory firm by using her own solutions. She has also been able to reduce her working hours significantly.

But it sounds expensive…

We’ve deliberately kept our products as affordable as possible. Our range of packages are designed to suit the needs and budget of any family day care provider. You can get TopFormz for as little as $11/month. You can also access a complete package of accounting, tax and software support from just $30 a month!

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