How to manage my compliance records on the day care app?

family day care software compliance records

Why the focus on managing family day care compliance?

TopFormz addresses a number of compliance matters in the family day care sector and was designed by a family day care educator whilst operating her family day care business.

The family day care software is continuously being improved through feedback from family day care educators.

Working in a home daycare is different to working in a child care centre where more hands are available to assist with different requirements in the child care business. One of the key objectives of TopFormz is to ensure that information is readily available to family day care educators during a compliance review. This is difficult to achieve through manual systems and in instances where resourcing is dependent on one individual. 

Automated systems enable family day care educators to proactively manage compliance within their family day care schemes and to readily search for information that is required. It is not sufficient to rely on a family day care scheme to do this for you. The family day care industry continues to change and continues to be under scrutiny from both the public and the government. Unfortunately this has at times led to the closure of family day care schemes and family day care educators needing to search for an alternative at short notice.

This can be extremely stressful for all parties involved including the family day care scheme, parents of children in care, the family day care educators and their families. This also places undue pressure on the household budget which can be difficult to recover from in the short term.

What kind of compliance records can I keep on the day care app?

The TopFormz family day care software includes a range of checklists and measures which can be used to manage compliance in your family day care setting. TopFormz has specifically been designed with a home daycare in mind. More detail can be found using the link below:

Family day care educators continue to be responsible for managing their own compliance requirements. TopFormz is a tool that enables them to do this but it can only be effective if readily used and where used in the right manner. As a result it is important for family day care educators to access the TopFormz  guidance and to consult with their family day care scheme on how compliance is being managed.

Will the day care app help me with my accounting and tax obligations?

TopFormz enables family day care educators to handle their accounting and tax requirements through the day care app. Accounting for day care is not simple however family day care educators can record their income and expenses as they shop. By attaching an image of the receipt family day care educators can provide the ATO with supporting evidence during a review. 

Family Day Care Educators are also able to access these records from their family day care accounting software which is available on a tablet, mobile phone or computer. By using this family day care accounting software they can extract and email reports to their tax agents for review prior to lodging their tax returns.

The family day care sector has been under scrutiny by the government as a result of a number of incidents of fraud in the sector. It is therefore imperative that family day care educators up their game and ensure that they have appropriate records in place to provide evidence of the amounts being claimed on their tax returns.

It is also a legislative requirement to maintain appropriate support for amounts on your tax return. For more information on this legislative requirement please refer to the ATO website:

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