How to use the Learning Story Templates?

What is a Learning Story?

A learning story is a style used to record an observation where the family day care educator takes on the role of a story teller. 

What needs to be included in a Learning Story Template?

Learning stories generally include:

  • a title
  • a narrative and/or images of what was seen, heard and where the learning took place
  • a reflection of learning and ways in which the child’s learning can be extended
When images are included it makes it easier for the child to share their learning stories with their parents/guardians. This enables them to reinforce their learning in the home environment.

Where do I find the Learning Story Templates?

TopFormz has two main learning story templates :

  • About My Day Reports
  • Observations

These can be found in the Learning Section of TopFormz. These learning stories are prepared over time and shared with families of children in care via email communications. 

The children’s learning is then summarised over time by EYLF Outcome. These summative assessments can be used for further planning and assessment and provide analysis of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) outcomes and National Quality Standards (NQS) achieved by child over a period of time. 

Use the image gallery below to flick through examples of learning stories in early childhood education:

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