Choosing a childcare desktop and daycare app

Choosing a childcare desktop and daycare app requires consideration of a number of factors.  

For instance:

  1. What key areas of the business will the childcare software be used for?
  2. Will the childcare software be able to grow with the family day care business?
  3. Does the child care software meet the requirements of the National Child Care Regulations in Australia?
  4. What are the Privacy Policies associated with the childcare desktop and daycare app and do these policies comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act in Australia?
  5. Does the child care software enable family day care educators to record their family day care documentation on the go using a daycare app?
  6. Does the child care software have a separate childcare app for parents or guardians to log into and can parents and guardians comment on their child’s day or can their feedback be evidenced in some other way on the childcare desktop or daycare app?
  7. Is the childcare software¬†suitable as a family day care program? Although Family Day Care educator’s are required to comply with the National Regulations in Australia; the way in which it is implemented might differ given the difference in the operating model.
  8. Is the childcare software compatible with the laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet that you are currently using to prepare your childcare documentation?
  9. Does the child care software save you time on documentation and does it facilitate finding previously documented information?
  10. Does the child care desktop enable you to calculate and lodge your GST online and to prepare you BAS statement when it is due to the ATO?
  11. Is there a trial available to test whether the childcare desktop and daycare app meet the needs of a family day care business?
  12. Which childcare documentation is available on the daycare desktop in comparison to the daycare app?

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