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Manage your Family Day Care Admin from Anywhere

Family Day Care can be a brilliant way to get work life balance and make a great living – but it’s not always simple….until now.

What is TopFormz?

TopFormz will help you manage your family day care – from your programming, observations, compliance, recordkeeping and reporting plus more.
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Who is TopFormz for?

Whether you’re new to Family Day Care or want to improve or grow your business, TopFormz is for you.

TopFormz will help you:

  • Manage your family day care
  • Save you time and money each week
  • Get affordable accounting, tax, compliance and software support
  • Manage your admin from anywhere
  • Reclaim your life and business now!

What can TopFormz do for me?

TopFormz can help you manage all of your child care documentation needs online. Here are some examples:

Access the full TopFormz application on any device 

TopFormz Educational Program

Select from a range of child care templates and report formats 

Prepare and send educational programs on -the-go

Prepare and send child care observations on-the-go

Observe and manage outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework Online

National Quality Standards

Reflect and manage your quality improvement plan online 

Manage income, expenses and GST as you shop

Send customised individual reports to parents

Manage and track compliance with National Regulations

Why TopFormz?

Creator of TopFormz

I’m Kim Mclachlan, the Creator of TopFormz. As a registered Family Day Care Educator and mum of two, I know how hard it can be keeping up with the time and monetary cost of administration, as well as complying with the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework. As a Chartered Accountant, I knew there was a better and easier way to manage my Family Day Care business. That’s why I created TopFormz – an online and mobile friendly child care App that can be used to manage all of my family day care needs.

How can I be sure TopFormz will work for me?

TopFormz is simple and we know for a fact it works! Kim for instance has been able to manage all of her family day care business on TopFormz. She has also been able to reduce her working hours significantly.


Why do other Family Day Care Educators use TopFormz?

We also have a number of other Educators who use TopFormz for varying reasons. Here is some of what they have to say:

I have tried at least 4 other apps to help with my business before I found TopFormz. Not only does it have everything, the staff are so helpful (and patient...........not the best with computers) with any questions or changes that I have requested. Nothing is too hard or too silly. My scheme mentor loves it also as she can just flick through everything and see that I have it all covered.
Nelda Welzel - Kids At Home Family Day Care
I have only just started using Topformz and it has completely changed the way I think about taxes. I now feel I am on top of things and at ease knowing exactly where I am with my income and expenses. I am looking forward to using the APP in more ways to complete my family daycare business.
Joanne L'Barrow - Wynnum Family Day Care
I LOVE TopFormz. I used to spend my weekend to get on track for my FDC business but now I have LIFE WORK BALANCE! TopFormz is absolutely brilliant. My life saver!
Akane Hisashi - Kids At Home family Day Care
Hats off to you for creating an amazing package! So happy to have finally found a program which helps with so many areas of the child care documenting requirements as well as an accounting package. This means I will no longer throw all my receipts in a ‘ too hard to do!’ box until the end of the year and be able to track my income and expenses throughout the year.
Chimane Meghani
Topformz is the perfect tool for educators who like to be organised, be on top of documentation and taxes .All in one! so simple and complete. I love using TopFormz
Daniella Lamberti - Wynnum Family Day Care
I love that everything is organized in one place with TopFormz.
Michelle Sadler - My Place Family Day Care
Topformz is helping me to get on track of my tax obligations as well all documentation
Tracey Maltby - Wynnum Family Day Care

Who are the TopFormz Partners:

Our partner network continues to grow and currently includes Gillian Nathan from Simple Solutions Accounting Services and Ben Mueller from FDC Tax. Gillian Nathan and Ben Mueller are both qualified Tax Agents. Gillian Nathan has also completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and is a qualified secondary school teacher and Ben Mueller has published articles in JiGSAW, the FDCA quarterly magazine, and has presented workshops for Family Day Care Schemes nation wide. Ben Mueller has also consulted in the development of Family Day Care specific software including TopFormz. Ben enjoys developing systems that make your life easier.

TopFormz Family Day Care Made Simple
Family Day Care Tax Returns
TopFormz Family Day Care Made Simple
TopFormz Family Day Care Made Simple

But it sounds expensive…

We’ve deliberately kept our products as affordable as possible. Our range of packages are based on the cost to store your data and designed to suit the needs and budget of any family day care provider. You can get full access to TopFormz for as little as $11/month. You can also access a complete package of accounting, tax and software support by signing up with one of our Partners!

Still not convinced?

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